How to Decor Your House Based On Your Personality

We all are different yet we all fit into a group of certain personality types and each group has its own tastes and differences. If you are not very happy with your decor or looking into new items for addition to your decor why not focus on your personality, who you are and dress up your house accordingly. Here are a few decor types which will suit specified personalities:

How to Decor Your House Based on Your Personality

Classy and Sophisticated

If you are into luxurious items and are drawn to antique yet gorgeous and trendy items then you definitely fall into this category. Do jewellery, diamonds and classic cuts inspire you? Are you fond of traditional but expensive and timeless prints on canvas? A suitable decor for you would consist of traditional furniture blended with modern, metallic accessories and interesting wall art. More than comfort you want beauty and formality.            

Modern and Trendy

If you are fun and really into fashion and you admire everything that has a contemporary look to it then you fall in this decor category. You need colour, brightness, contrasts, lines and geographical patterns. Bold furniture might be your choice but it must be simple and artistic, nothing bulky to suit the modern decor with lots of accents.

Casual and Cosy

Ah, if you are one of those who wants to plop down on a sofa, read a book quietly, sleep surrounded by multiple pillows or relax on a rug on the fire place then your style is definitely casual and cosy. You need to work with warm colours and woody tones along with wood textures for furniture, flooring and maybe even wall panelling. Rugs, cushions and pillows are must have items while anything that relaxes you should be included such as a shelf containing romantic novels or a jar of coffee beans in the kitchen etc.

Vintage Eclectic

If you are into history, or just particular themes from the past inspire you then this is the style for you and you have many options to give your room an excellent theme. You can invest in furniture from the Victorian times or simply paint up old wooden furniture for an update. If you or anyone in the house has a certain collection of any accessory such as globes, stamps or music records then they need to be taken out of dust filled closets and displayed openly as they deserve. Other interesting ideas to add to your kind of decor include rugs with traditional sort of patterns, handmade items such as a crochet throw and heir looms passed on through generations. Photos to canvas cheap can be used to decor up walls consisting of vintage art collections while floral wall papers are always a classic.

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