How To Dress For The Nightclub - Women!

When understanding how to dress for the nightclub, it is important for women to understand how they dress, is how they will be perceived by many attendees of the club (especially men). A nightclub is a fun place to relax and have fun on the weekends, but in reality, it is also a social market and a great place to expand your friend list. Here are some woman dressing tips for the club:

how to dress for the nightclub women

Think About Your Make-Up

A woman's make up can change her appearance in a matter of seconds. It is important to go for a sexy and dazzling look without being over the top. Men often claim the first thing they notice when looking at a woman is her eyes. This is the perfect reason to focus on your eye make up first. Smoky eyes can be exotic and hypnotizing. Long lashes can be achieved by using mascara (jet black). Use a black eyeliner pencil along the top and bottom of your eyes to create bigger and wider eyes. Choose dark eye shadows such as black, gray and forest green. Lip gloss and lip stain can brighten your lips without having the over dramatic flair that lipstick can make.

Wear Touchable Fabrics

People use all five of their senses, even when they don't realize it. When leaning how to dress for the club as a woman, it is essential to know the type of fabric you choose to wear will determine how long someone wants to be next to you. Popular fabrics which are soft and pleasing to the eye include, silk and cotton. Avoid fabrics such as polyester and lace. Shirts and dresses with too much lace can make the body appear fuller.

Jeans Are Not All Bad For Women at Nightclubs

Although it is not advised to wear jeans at upscale events or certain clubs, this look is actually quite popular and attractive on women in the nightclub. Avoid wearing plain jeans and opt for complex patterns and designs. New jean designers are now making jeans more fashionable and form-fitting. If you are not into jeans, try snug-fitting (but not too tight) dresses. In order to go for a more sophisticated and mature look, try snug-fitting dresses with hemlines that reach right before or right after the knee.

It Is Okay To Stand Out

When thinking about how to dress for the nightclub, make sure to stand-out from the crowd by getting shirts or dresses with fashionable prints and a combination of colors.

BUT ladies, NEVER let it all hang out. This is not attractive to a decent guy; the only men that are attracted to that look, are not worth getting to know! Visit us to learn 'how to dress' and emanate the confidence you should!

Dwayne is Police Officer who's tired of seeing low confidence and self-esteem. His site gives people the tools, regardless of age, size or shape, to learn how to dress better, find their confidence and feel great in their own skin.

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